SAV is the heart of our organization

The after-sales service garantie maintenance and repair of your juicers. We have been supporting you throughout the life of your equipment, this since 1989,taking care of the installation, preventive maintenance, repairs, technical assistance and management of spare parts. Our customer service is a strong added value that we bring with the utmost care to each of our customers. One guideline: help you develop your business, by engaging with you in a true partnership logic.

In France

SEMPA FRANCE technicians work throughout France.


Lost or broken spare parts? We'll send it to you in 72 hours.


SAV available 6 days a week.
04 76 50 00 03


An inauguration, a seasonal activity, a product launch.


A wedding, a birthday, a family meal, a night out with friends.


24 months, 100% French service.

Personalised offers

Sempa offers a juicers rental system to ensure quality follow-up and service: Delivery, implementation, Assistance – troubleshooting, maintenance, insurance, washing machines… Each juicers (lemon juicers pomegranate press, pomelos press, orange press, pineapple machine…) has its own rental system. Sempa also offers short-term one-time rentals for professional or private events. Discover our solutions that are aimed at everyone with tailored offerstailored to each other’s budget and needs.

Juicers videos assembly and disassembly